Roof tiles are supplied by us. Our roof tiles include the following styles of roof tiles: Double Roman Roof Tiles Monarch Roof Tiles Modern Roof Tiles Mendip Roof TIles Ludlow Roof Tiles Our roof tiles are available in amber, brown, red, sl

We sell angle grinders, bench grinders, bench drills, handheld drills, sanders and other electrical tools from manufacturers such as Ryobi, Bosch and Makita. We also have a wide range of drill bits, grinding disks and sandpaper. You are per

We sell normal light bulbs as well as energy saving light bulbs such as : Eurolux Frosted Golfball light bulb Osram Duluxstar Energy Saver Lamp Eurolux Energy Saver Sensor Light ACDC Dynamics Energy Saving Lamp Osram Halogen Energy Saver

We sell electrical accessories and electrical hardware such as: Electroline Lear Circuit Breaker Zap 6-way Electrical Plug Adaptor Stone-Samcor Electrical Crimping Lugs and Sleeves Electrical Fuses Aberdare Electrical Cable Electrical Eu

We stock building materials for all your building needs and we offer delivery of building materials purchased with us. Our building materials include, but are not limited to, the following items: Cement Building Sand Lintels Roofing B

We sell a variety of safety clothing products including: Reflective Safety Vests Chemical Resistant Safety Gloves JSP Classis Extreme Ear Muffs Safety Goggles and Safety Glasses Moulded Respirator Masks Conti-Suit Safety Overalls and Dust Coa